LEI integration and matching

Our value proposition

    Our solution is an overlay to your systems, minimizing disruption to BAU

    With the fastest speed of integration in town we keep costs low and minimize disruption

    We have already reconciled and cleansed against Thompson Reuters and Bloomberg data, verifying correctness

    We supply advanced fuzzy matching across company name and address values, automating the maximum number of matches

    Providing the data quality controls gives you confidence in the correctness of LEI mapping

Our project approach

We follow a project framework to deliver a LEI integration and reconciliation service for all your Issuer data:

    Identifies all Issuer data held across all your operational systems by department

   Seek consensus from each department's representative within the organisation on what they expect from the Issuer data

   Works with each team to document and map the Issuer data inputs directly into the EDMFabric product. Then provide the transformations that load and cleanse the data against the supplied golden copy of Issuer data. Supply the data quality exceptions to be incorporated for each input.

   Train the users who will provide matching where automated matching cannot be achieved

   Define and design the mapping of the cleansed and standardized Legal Entity data backing into each operational system, including injection of the LEI were appropriate

   Define the schedule and workflow to incorporate all the above.

The benefits of using EDMFabric

By using the EDMFabric product for design and runtime the requirements for data quality, data provenance, audit and staging are automatically catered for, accelerating the design and build process dramatically.

Any user custom rules can be incorporated into the workflows. EDMFabric's ability to graphically map from spreadsheets, flat files, databases and XML sources eases these integration tasks.

The standard rules for matching Legal Entities across different sources are provided. Those not matched are managed with the standard exception queue management in EDMFabric, including support for 2 eye and 4 eye validation..

LEI Status

LEI Identifier view

We provide a view of LEI and the status of the application. The registered and headquarter's address is also captured.

Legal Entity manual matching

Fuzzy Legal Entity matching

This shows the rule declaration for Legal Entities that could not be automatically matched. Users confirm the match and release to openMDDB.