Security Master

Our value proposition

    Security Master is a web application minimizing cost of deployment

    It can be deployed in a private cloud providing fast installation and low cost

    Has very broad coverage of Issuer, Counterparty and Security data, covering all your reference data needs

    Can integrate with EDMFabric to provide information on provenance and quality of data directly on screen

    Has advanced role based security so only those you want to change/see values are able to

    Can be used in concert with EDMFabric to give users control over the values they change, protecting them from changes by other sources

    Uses the openMDDB golden copy database so you have ownership flexibility of the data and model

Security Master details

The Security and Pricing Master application allows users to search, view and manage the data in the openMDDB database. The Security Master also has the exception management queues for the user defined cleansing exceptions detected and reported by the EDMFabric Engine. It has Staging data queues and Data audit views. There is an overall Task view that combines User Protected Value management, Staging values, Audit Values and the General log, all produced by the EDMFabric Engine. It has a process view for monitoring and running the EDM workflows developed in the EDMFabric Designer.

Users with permission can create any of the entities in the Security Master using the user interface. The User Protected Values allows users with permission to enter or alter values and protect their changed values for a defined duration from changes occurring thereafter delivered in the feed(s). A user owned queue is provided for managing any attempted changes by feeds to the user's protected values.

The search function provides 3 different types of search, users can select that which suits best. Searches can be saved and shared amongst other users. User watchlists can be constructed and like Search results can have one or more custom views where the user chooses which columns they want to see.

The Security Master is a sophisticated web browser delivered product available in the cloud or as an installed deployment.

Security Master Legal Entities

Legal Entity and Counterparty reference

The Legal Entity and Counterparty are supported with search and custom search result and watchlist views. With full ownership hierarchies including easy navigation to any issued instruments. Capitalisation and rating history is included along with support for the LEI.

Security Master Instruments

All Exchange traded instruments

Security Master displays all issue, pricing and corporate action event data and has coverage of nearly all exchange traded instruments. Easy navigation to find derivatives and prices.

Security Master T&Cs and schedules

Extensive coverage of T&Cs and Bond schedules

We cover the extensive set of T&Cs the major market data vendors supply. We display bond schedules such as CoCo hurdles, Partly Paid and many others.

Security Master Corporate Actions

ISO compatible Corporate Action Events

Security Master displays all ISO 15022 and 20022 corporate action event types. These are stored in the openMDDB database in a schema closely related to the ISO standard and are therefore easy to integrate with the ISO messages.