Yambina provides consulting services to integrate your data sources with the golden copy. We can also train your business users to write and control your business rules.

Our consultants help you achieve the solution to your business problem in the shortest time. We provide training to the users of the Security Master for data cleansers and general users.

Yambina can quickly produce custom dashboards for data and events produced from custom products. These dashboards are compatible with desktop, tablet and smartphone interfaces.

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Fully Customisable

We design workflows and rules and front these with custom dashboards to meet your requirements.

Cloud ready

EDMFabric Engine, Security Master or your custom solution can be deployed in a private or public cloud.

Managed Service

We can provide a fully managed service, including data cleansing rule exception management.

High Quality

We use the latest development techniques including Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration to ensure quality. We version all models in the model repository to support reversion to previous models when required.

Fast Integration

Automatic data model creation from your databases and XSD greatly accelerate the mapping task to and from your data sources. High productivity graphical design tools for ETL and workflows reduces both training and design time.

Ready to Launch

Our installation pack takes only 30 minutes to install and have you up and running. Or we can deploy into a public or private cloud. We are agnostic to the database vendors you use, easing integration and avoiding proprietary traps.